Thursday, 24 September 2009

ledowr - ewrdol - dowrle - wordle

Ok this is a bit of fun too.

I have 'wordle-d' my posts so far and it is a very interesting picture - I really like that 'quilting' is right in the middle. Hopefully 'family' is in there somewhere too!

I wonder what a wordle will look like at Module 10?

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Module 6 - blowing

Well here were are at module 6 and by some fortituous mouse clicks I have managed to blog this - one minute I am on then next here I am posting.

I remember hitting menu, export, finding myself in Picasa and then suddenly...Toto I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore...of course it could have something to do with being nearly 11.30pm and the kids telling me to get off the computer!

I really wasn't sure that I could find a use for this mind-mapping tool. However I have completely changed my mind as I discovered while using it, that it really makes you focus on your ideas. It is like your own personal brain-storming tool, as well as providing the means for group brainstorming.

I would think that would be a great 'drafting' tool for anyone, from school to uni students, when planning any writing tasks; anything from essays to narratives.

I have gone from sceptic to advocate in a few hours.

So if you can read the 'bubbles' then you
  1. probably don't need glasses and
  2. you will have a pretty good idea about the journey I have been on. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Module 5

It has been a great learning experience exploring podcasting, videocasting and iTunes.

To me podcasting is the natural extension of recording programmes, that for me started with cassette recording JJ's (not a typo) top 100 onto cassette straight from the radio - oops how to give away your age!). Except now you don't have to know what you want to record, but can go to 'librarys' of radio and visual programmes and pick what you'd like to listen to/see, that you may have missed.

I find YouTube is a double-edged sword - it has some fantastic learning videos, but can also be a huge time waster,
and with teenage kids you better have unlimited downloads.

Here is what I have learned from this module:
  1. I can put a video on my blog, and
  2. I can make 'granny squares'
If you ever wanted to know how to crochet a granny square - here is your chance to find out...

However, if crochet leaves you cold but the combination of quilting and inventing whets your appetite - have a look here: QuiltInvention*

*note to family who may be reading - What a great idea for a Christmas/Birthday present for quilary!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Module 4 - My Friend Flickr

So this is Flickr!

I have finally gotten around to making a flickr account and have uploaded quilt photos. This blog will soon start looking like the long awaited quilt blog that I have been promising myself.

You can see my photos here

like that flickr puts a copyright symbol on all photos.

Some strategies to deal with copyright questions -
  • have the link to 'smart copying' on the bookmark bar for students to check before they use pictures and text.
  • students to fill out a section of their assignment where they acknowledge sources for pictures and text.
  • and ALWAYS remember - when in doubt ATTRIBUTE sources! and that includes using quilting patterns.
Other things I have learned over the past weeks:
  • how to use to shorten url's in twitter,
  • how to hot link using html editor, *pat self on back*
  • using flickr to put photos in categories,
and most importantly
  • I have made more quilts, bags and table runners that I remembered I had!


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