Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Module 6 - blowing

Well here were are at module 6 and by some fortituous mouse clicks I have managed to blog this - one minute I am on then next here I am posting.

I remember hitting menu, export, finding myself in Picasa and then suddenly...Toto I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore...of course it could have something to do with being nearly 11.30pm and the kids telling me to get off the computer!

I really wasn't sure that I could find a use for this mind-mapping tool. However I have completely changed my mind as I discovered while using it, that it really makes you focus on your ideas. It is like your own personal brain-storming tool, as well as providing the means for group brainstorming.

I would think that would be a great 'drafting' tool for anyone, from school to uni students, when planning any writing tasks; anything from essays to narratives.

I have gone from sceptic to advocate in a few hours.

So if you can read the 'bubbles' then you
  1. probably don't need glasses and
  2. you will have a pretty good idea about the journey I have been on. Posted by Picasa

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