Sunday, 25 October 2009

Module 10 - toondoo or not toondoo

I have really enjoyed this last module. There is so much in it - it has taken me almost 2 weeks to assimilate  - or in Bloom's Taxonomy - evaluate the infomation. 

I now have a better understanding the value of digital technologies in teaching to childrens' different learning styles. I think I will be more critical in evaluating the value of the internet and various tools in education, and less quick to judge them negatively. Having a rubric to mark students progress by will also help reassure parents that it is a valuable learning tool. (I checked my blog posts back to educational origami site and realise that luckily my blog posts are NOT at level 1.

To prove that education can be FUN also, I've amused myself with toondoo. Here is one cartoon (apologies to my daughter) - I won't leave my day job anytime soon


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