Sunday, 4 October 2009

Module 7 - Delicious - I hate it...oh wait...I like it!

Ok I started off by creating a delicious account and adding the buttons to the tool bar - so far so good. I am impressed that I can access delicious and thus my bookmarks from several computers, from the web. That is really handy in our multi-computer household, as the kids 'homework !?!' gets priority (why did I make that rule?).

Then I got really enthusiastic and decided to export my internet explorer bookmarks. Hey presto - several button presses later there they are all 500...WHAAAAT????? How did 500 bookmarks get exported?????

A HUGE problem is that it exports ALL BOOKMARKS ON THE COMPUTER.

I wasted an hour trying to find and delete the entire families bookmarked pages and contemplated deleting the lot.

.....(some time later) I persevered, tagged my bookmarks, sat back, patted myself on the back and thought that would be last time I would ever use delicious.

Except...maybe I would just have a little look around the site and type 'quilt' into 'tag search'
and up popped 12768 bookmarks and I like the look of (most) of them.

So if I'm not around for a while - you will know why...mmm delicious...

btw if you know how to export bookmarks from a selection, please let me know, I have to get my bookmarks off the laptop, family room computer and the iMac (Don't look so shocked - didn't I tell you there 6 children in this family - 2 at uni, 3 in high school and 1 in primary!)


  1. I have just completed this module myself, amd think that delicious is a good idea, but tricky to use! I see you havent had too much luck with delicious, I hope that changes!
    Your Blog is terrific! I love all the pictures, especially your glog!


  2. Thanks Giulia. It's lovely to get your comment. I'm having so much fun playing around with all the different tools in web2.0. I do like delicious, but it is really easy to waste time exploring different sites. I have to be very disciplined or I can lose an hour/s very easily.


Nice of you to take a peek over the fence. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in, have a cuppa and a chat. I will talk back...


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