Wednesday, 4 November 2009


This is what my kitchen looked like last Friday (On Thursday it did have cupboard doors!)...

This is what my kitchen looked like on Monday...

...this is the wall that is coming down.

I have to cook on the BBQ or in a microwave. Usual kitchen stuff is stored in the dining room and food preparation, kettle, toaster etc lives here too. The fridge and freezer are outside the back door with the BBQ and a small table. Dishwasher is in the laundry. I can manage, you know I can, can't I? It will be an adventure, just like (longterm) camping *desperation creeping into voice*
Don't have any sympathy for's all self-inflicted and I think I will be just a tiny bit EXCITED to have a new not-lime-green-kitchen after 17 years!!!!


  1. I see you are doing a lot of work for your kitchen, all I did was paint and repair part of the ceiling!

  2. Look forward to the kitchen warming!!!!!! LOL

    Love Margaret


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