Monday, 30 November 2009

My Place & Yours - Nice, Different, Unusual

The theme for Pip's My Place & Yours comes from Toni from Little Suitcase.
You can play by showing something, nice, different, unusual at your place.
 I really like this game - it makes me look harder at my house. Though Math (Man About The House) thinks this is dangerous...and we all know why! 

I have this funny shaped division between the lounge and dining room. I don't know why it is there. Nothing else in the house echoes this shape. In fact, when we moved in, all other wooden features, like old picture rails,  had been removed.
Anyway, the little shelves get to have a rotating set of delights sitting up there. On the right , Santa is moving in. On the left, next to the plant, is a set of pottery that Minky made last year when she was 11. They make me smile when I look at them.
I also have a nice table but no chairs.
And I have wallpaper that will be nice...when it's gone.


  1. Oh that is so cool! It is like a blunt arrow pointing to something wonderful above

  2. A nice focal point and it frames your chairless table beautifully! Very nice

  3. it's very different & unusual and i LOVE it!..especially the shelves on the left side

  4. The shelves are it's saving grace!!!

  5. Watch out Math....sounds like the wallpaper is your next job!

  6. Oohh! Excellent archway! I want one!

  7. Archways are great, I hear you about the wallpaper...and why do people remove original features like rails?


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