Sunday, 8 November 2009

No Birthday Cakes this Month

In this household there are 3 November birthdays. Ordinarily this is a busy month and I have just added to the mix with the kitchen renovation. We are a week and a half into 'no kitchen' time and are surviving without too many dramas. However...

When the kids were younger, I would have loads of fun picking out which cake I would make for them and then torture myself to get it made and iced by the big day. Even though it may have been stressful - it was worth it - because I had done it myself. And that to me is what is so important about any crafting/sewing/creating that I do.

So, sorry to the 3 'birthday girls this month; no kitchen = no (homemade) cake, but here's a little peek down memory lane...


  1. Happy Birthday x 3

    How was Wicked???

  2. ohhh nooo, no birthday cakes! I would be devastated, not the birthday girls.


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