Friday, 27 November 2009

Yaaayyyy - The Kitchen is In

This is the done kitchen (well except for the painting and the window which needs repairing).
See the blue & white china in the display cupboard above the fridge.
There are lovely blue toned tiles along the splashback.
I am still looking for lots of blue accessories, half the fun is in the searching!
There is also a touch of wacky colour with the coffee set on the island bench.
Of course the island bench will stay uncluttered, just like this who am I trying to kid...with 6 junior quilarys, Mr & Mrs quilary it will be lucky to last 5 minutes...
But it's done and I love being in it.


  1. Kitchen looks great. when is the official opening I'll be there. Love the willow!

  2. Hi Marg...Me Too! Still have 2 big platters to put into the cupboard...working out how to make them fit!

  3. Just wonderful. Love the big long bench and the light. I have a willow pattern dinner plate give by my Dad the last Christmas we had together. Love your blue and white colection too


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