Friday, 11 December 2009

My Place & Yours - Wherever I lay my hat...

We are playing Pip's game called My Place & Yours. The latest theme of the meme is by myrtle and eunice : wherever I lay my hat...that's my home.
What are the treasures in your house that signify ‘home’? Is there anything that reminds you of a childhood, a life overseas, a loved one? Is there a blanket you always curl under, a teapot that brews the perfect cuppa? Do you have a ‘Droopy Dog’ like that one above – a twelfth birthday present who fits perfectly in the crook of a sleeping kid’s arm and who may or may not have ventured to Europe in a backpack, ahem, three times?
My house has become more like my home since we renovated the old kitchen into the new kitchen.
How straightforward and easy is that. Take that theme, done and dusted.
But... a little voice inside is saying that surely there is more to a home than just what it looks like.
I looked around a bit more and my eye fell to these pieces.

They have come to me from my parents place. I remember them being used by people I love. I remember them in rooms I played in. I remember these were a part of my home then and are a part of my home now.
So little voice... I think home is not the object, but in the end it's the memories, feelings and people, that are part of an object, that's what really makes my place a home.
Thanks for taking a peek over the fence... 

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