Friday, 29 January 2010

Photos on the go

I have a lot of blog posts with 'draft' next to them. I start to write ideas, leaving spaces for a photo or two, go hunting for the camera, take a few shots, wrench the computer away from whichever 'YouTwitFace' teen that is hogging it, upload, know the drill.
Somehow, though, I reach the 'go hunting for the camera' or, more likely the 'wrench the computer away' hurdle and it all ends there, with that nasty little word 'draft' staring at me every third post or so.
But no longer... I have a new bloggy helper
Photos when I want to, even crop or turn to black and white. Internet access when I want. I. am. happy. (and I do like it's name better than its new big brother/sister)
This says it all...

Thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. This is so me ... I still have draft against posts from last Augsut where I have to add my overseas photos. Oh for long wet winter days ...

  2. 'draft' has it's good points as a memory jogger, but also reminds me of what I still have/want to do. Hope we get to see your photos soon!


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