Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh Brother!

Here is a picture of my Brother sewing machine...or rather the space where my sewing machine belongs.

It went to 'hospital' on Monday and it still hasn't called in (I do worry about the children when they don't keep in contact). I sympathise with The Handmaden who has had a similar story in the past week.

All I have to console myself with is what I managed to get done before the 'breakdown'

Here's me madly chain piecing Minky's quilt (remember the new year resolutions)

She might have even had a complete quilt top before her birthday (Feb 5) if I could have sewn 24 hrs a day for the past 3 days (self-delusion is one of my more attractive traits!)

The Mariners Compass is waiting patiently for it's next border. The border will have 29 pieced  paisley hearts in red and reddish tones.

I had almost finished this lot - only the few in the background to go *sob*.
Luckily I have some hand piecing that I can happily go on with.

Thanks for taking a peek over the fence... 


  1. oh, how kind you are to offer sympathy to another when your own sense of loss is so keen!
    My husband was so keen to have his happy wife back that he took apart the machine, banged on a part that he thought looked bent, and lo and behold, she sews!! Amazing, my husband with virtually no knowledge of a sewing machine accomplished what a "technician" could not!
    Hope yours returns really soon, it's a crying shame having those beautiful quilts unfinished.

  2. The title should read Oh Bother not Oh Brother!
    I'm sure you can find some quilting mags to read.

  3. Now why didn't I think of that pun???


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