Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival May 2010

 So here is my quilt for the 2010 Bloggers Quilt Festival.

This was the third quilt I ever attempted, and it is a mixture of a quilt-as-you-go BOM that I was doing from Dorothy's pattern at Chocolate Coated and a picture I saw in an Australian Country Craft magazine (from about 2007).
The 'quilt as you go' had to have sashing between the 12" blocks, but I wanted them butted together with the hourglass blocks. I won't go into the detail (it is still painful!), suffice to say the back was NOT neat.  
Of course as a complete beginner, my level of skill was in inverse proportion to my over-confidence and it took a lot longer to work out and complete than I thought (ok - I was on the verge of giving up several times, but Daughter no 2 claimed it as hers which was enough incentive to finish it).
There are several techniques, in addition to each sampler block, that I had to learn to do finish this quilt:

  • quilt as you go without sashing,
  • make my own bias binding for the 'stained glass' look,
  • work out half-square and quarter-square measurements and cut (yay they fitted)
Unfortunately, I stuffed up the rotation of the two hour glass blocks in the third row left and bottom row middle, but didn't realise till too late (the painful, won't go into detail bit again...) - but that's ok cause I LEARNT something very important, check, check, check and check again before stitching permanently into place.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

Just click on this button on the left to get to Amy's blog and see the rest of the 'quilt show'.

PS all four borders are 6" wide they just look distorted because of the angle the photo was taken.



  1. Cute quilt.


  2. I have a hard time believing that is only your third quilt! Great job!


  3. You're not supposed to say that there are mistakes... It looks amazing and I can hardly imagine the time and effort that went in to making.
    Just gorgeous.

  4. Very nice! You did an excellent job on this quilt. Well done.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful. It is always such a good feeling when your daughter wants it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment!

  6. It looks lovely! I am a novice quilter...with unfinished ones! I've only totally completed some wall hanging sized goal is to finally complete the ones I have started for when our children start having their children! (our future grandbabies...)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I finally have some free time so am trying to get to more amazing Quilt Festival posts!... so happy to see yours. I would love to have you pop over to my place. And if you get a chance, please let me know by leaving a comment. :o) so nice to meet you :o) My hubby flew helicopters with the US Army in Australia in the early 1990's. He loved it there!

  7. Lovely quilt! Your first quilts are always special.

  8. Love the colors in this quilt! And the turned hourglasses give it a special touch that distinguishes it from any other - call it sparkle, like the Amish do - they add something distinctive to every quilt to mark it as their own, since they have to use very "plain" patterns. Your daughter has good taste!

  9. I'm blown away that this quilt is only your third! It's lovely!

  10. very nice!! i love the colors--purple's my favorite color. love the hearts--i collect them. love the embroidery and just everything about it. thanks for sharing!

  11. Delightful! Of course, you made it in my favorite color. :-) I really like the little black mitered "frame". Just sets off those lovely blocks.

  12. Gorgeous quilt! I love your stick-to-it-ness!!! Quilts and quilting teach us much don't they?! Thanks for sharing. : )


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