Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Creative Space

This week in my creative space I'd like to show you two projects that my girls are doing for their Textiles & Design class.
The Princess is in Yr 11 and is making....

a QUILT...with the theme 'The Four Seasons by Vivaldi'
She's DESIGNED IT HERSELF. SHE IS 16! I AM IN AWE...I am also SHOUTING it out to the World. Each tree will be decorated with leaves and motifs representing each season. I can't wait to see it finished.

Minky is making...
....AN AWESOME OWL PILLOW oops I'm shouting again. I CAN'T HELP IT...
MINKY IS 13. She is in Yr 8. She has to use 3 different techniques so there's going to be some 'stuffed feet', applique - wings & eyes and button pupils.

I am sure that the projects that the others are making are equally as exciting for their parents and their teachers. I am conviced, however, that these will be the BEST of the lot!!!!
I love to see them using their talents. I'm so grateful to their teachers for the encouragement and expertise they offer to the girls.

I love to think that they are following in my footsteps. I love that I have passed on to them a love of creating and the confidence to do it (...and the stash that is providing them with a huge amount of resources!!!)

They will let me help with the technical stuff - like seam allowance and showing them how to clip curves. I'm allowed to offer them my stash, my vliesofix, my buttons...BUT I AM NOT ALLOWED ANY CREATIVE INPUT - THEY DON'T WANT ANY SUGGESTIONS. I'm absolutely bursting with suggestions. But no, they are so happy with their own sense of creativity and achievement. They each had an idea of what they wanted to achieve and both made their own patterns...

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  1. You have some talented girls there. Mine don't seem to have taken after me in the creative side. It's a shame but maybe they will join in as they get older. 18yr old has just expressed an interest in dress making. The thought of making her own clothes when she goes off to university has caught her interest. So maybe..

  2. You should be shouting. They both look wonderful. Can't wait to see them for real in a couple of weeks.Will they want to go to the quilt show????? Not with us. That would be cramping our style. LOL

  3. Very talented should be shouting their praises. My youngest daughter, who is now 25, also likes to quilt. I'm sure it is because I had more time to quilt when she was a still at home so she grew up around it more than her older sisters did.

  4. Very talented girls! It must run in the family. Go ahead and shout! I would if they were my daughters. Both of their projects are terrific!

  5. Ain't it great to be a busting at the seams proud mom :) You have a couple of talented girls :)

  6. wow, such clever girls. my mum told me that crafty talent skips a generation. she must have been fibbing. be very proud mama

  7. What clever chickadees you have there. I can't wait until my kiddies are doing me proud with their handiwork. Or not - I have boys so far :) The tree quilt is shaping up to be just fabulous. I can't wait to see its progress.


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