Thursday, 3 June 2010

A little bit of Crochet in my life

Sorry about the enormous in-yer-face pic.
Yes, I am a Dr Who fan (it's a whole family thing)...but the reason this gigantic photo is here you ask?
Look over the Doctor's shoulder, at the little bit of bench seat...Ah now you see it don't you!!!???!!!
This was the only photo on the official BBC site that gave even this tiny glimpse and I had to make it Large so you could see what I see. But the rug was HUGE. It COVERED the entire bench seat. It is gloriously MULTICOLOURED
Forget Dr Who, I want the rug...(and a better picture, but I don't do piracy...)


  1. You have some serious X-Ray vision!! I can see a snippet of it and I bet it is gorgeous! There's a craft project and a half for you! Wishing you a wonderfully happy Friday :)

  2. I might have noticed that- only because it wasn't David Tennant donning the "Dr Who mantle" Now if he'd been in the driver's seat, I wouldn't have noticed anything much as I appreciate crochet.


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