Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Creative Space

*humming to self*"Wet washing hanging on the line, drying very quickly when the weather's fine" 
My creative space could have been filled with catching up on sleep, washing, cleaning and drying from the ski trip, but luckily I finally got around to a little bit of creating.
Mmm...circular needles - I don't think so. At least I tried.
Sewing the 'square in a square' for the Mariners Compass and/or Paisley quilt (depending on what I feel like calling it at the time). This feels like a much more productive and creative space.

only a few! more to go (88 to be exact).

...stop looking at know you are beyond my skill level just yet...
Take a trip on over to Kootoyoo for plenty of creative people, who could whip up this little bloke in the blink of an eye.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Your quilt looks amazing! And that monkey is too cute! I always tackle things like that when I know I shouldn't...always ends in tears! Hope your trip was wonderful :)

  2. Circular needles are wonderful. Can't lose the other one!
    I love how the quilt is progressing. How many squares to go now?

  3. Haha, staring contest, Monkey vs. Quilary, who will conquer?!

  4. The contrast in your paisleys is very pretty. The blocks are very nice! It will make a pretty quilt!


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