Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some School Holiday Crafting

Brrr - it's cold and raining. I'm going to the snow (Thredbo) in a few days. There'll be two thirds of our family and several other families all travelling together. A sort of travelling snow circus! A weekend travelling snow circus!

Did I mention the cold? I don't have a beanie and decided to knit one from the first pattern I could lay my hands on and any leftover wool lying around.
I found this book buried on the bookshelf with a few choices of patterns. 8 ply wool - check; no. 7 needles - check; style 35 - check

Iv'e heard quite a few comments about it looking like a cupcake, but they all happily try it on. 
Mmmm...looks like a bit of pompom overload!
The best part - it's really, really warm!
Apparently I am now making one in blue for Minky!

The Double Wedding Ring has come out of hiding, and is being spread out over any flat surface. It's all about cutting out little pieces to stitch into arcs. It's a bit 'Catch-22' really - if I have lots of those already cut out I get a move on sewing. Then I run out of pieces, spend some time cutting out more, get fed up and want to see some progress. So I sew the just-cut-out pieces together into arcs, then get stuck (and bury it again) because I have no more pieces to join into arcs...

Each Craft Fair I go to, I have a look at the 'curvemaster' machine foot demonstration, think I need one, then talk myself out of it. I am getting closer to buying it, but I don't know if I'm better off finishing this quilt by hand. I think I can ease the curves better if I do it by hand, but I see endless days of fitting curves together properly and shudder. Oh well, since I don't have the foot, I will still be working by hand till next year's show anyway!

So perhaps I will just gaze longingly at the growing pile of arcs and wonder why a beginner quilter ever thought that hand piecing a double wedding ring was a sane thing to try...

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Ah, we live in hope, do we not? We crafters have such a "can do" attitude and "that looks easy - I could do that!" with no consideration for the time and skill we might need to actually complete a project. I think it's better to throw yourself in the deep end than sit on the fence though, at least you learn that way!

  2. well I think you are amazing just getting the squares ready for quilting!!! I can't even manage that!!! AND I love, love, love the beanie - cupcake or not, its tooooooo cute!!! I'd wear it anywhere!!!


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