Thursday, 15 July 2010

What have we got ourselves in for now?

When Minky (child no 5) was turning 9 she presented us with a beautifully illustrated and researched PowerPoint presentation outlining all the reasons why she should be allowed to have Guinea Pigs for her birthday.
It completely won us over and she (we!) became the proud owners of Harry (Hairy Harry) on the right and Archie (Archibald).
They lived with us for 4 years before going to guinea pig heaven. We loved them so much that we went back to the breeder and got Rosa (front-who is somehow related to Archie) and Mocha (she really is the yummiest chocolate/coffee colour).
Now Miss Bee is getting in on the act.
These are appearing on our bedroom door.

Oh HELP! What have we got ourselves in for now!


  1. I love it ( laughing so much)

    That's my girl Miss Bee.

    Maybe she should get a real live black and white cow... Holstein Friesian????? I think I should ring her to suggest it!!!!!!!!

    Still laughing

  2. Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! That baby better have a kitten by the end of today or I will cry with her!!!! HOW COULD YOU SAY NO?

    Love the blog! so very much "me" as i am the momma of five - I will love visiting here often! Thank you for stopping by It Seams To Be Sew today! Come back anytime!!!


  3. Oh the piggies are so cute. As for the could you refuse!!!


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