Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My (very late...or possibly very early) Creative Space

Wanting to be creative.
Lacking the time.
Still working 4 days a week. Uggh.
Waiting for my colleague, who broke her arm to get back to work. (Still she's worse off than me - she can't do anything with a full arm cast on).
Add to mix - the MATH has gone to New Zealand.
For 8 days.
I'm owed BIG TIME.
Gotta put my thinking cap on to work out PAYBACK.
Prints Charming  Spring Sale in Sydney next week for starters.
With a rather LARGE budget.

I'm part of a little sunshine swap going on, so this is what's being made...I'm not showing all of it in case it's for you!

And it wants to be mailed tomorrow...eeeekkkkkk...
For more creative spaces and possibly less whingeing, head on over here .
Oh and you'll need to take a cup of tea and a packed lunch, as there are over 180 links to visit.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. A trip to Melbourne sounds good to me..... particularly combined with a quilt & craft show! When are we going???????
    I will have a chat to MATH for you.....when he comes home!!!

  2. Mmmmm, I'd love to see Mary Poppins - could you see it again?


Nice of you to take a peek over the fence. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in, have a cuppa and a chat. I will talk back...


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