Friday, 6 August 2010

Slowy going craaazzzy...

I need a day off. I am really and truly, slowly but surely, going nuts.
In the last several weeks, I have had an entire weekend completely taken up by being in the emergency dept of St George Hospital and then The Children's Hospital (courtesy of Minkys collision with a palm tree where she ended up with large palm spikes in her palm). Then there was the swelling and infection. It's all good now, but that 2 days of my and her life neither of us will get back!.
I have spent whole days at sports days and dance choice...but boy oh boy do I miss my quilting time.
I have been working 4 day weeks instead of my usual 5 day fortnight and I can feel the walls closing in...(that's not a comment on my workmates - I work with really lovely colleagues)...but boy oh boy do I miss my quilting time.

Anyway, enough of this whingeing!
Here are the missing pictures of some lovely goodness that I received in the post from the lovely Brenda and Katia
Brenda even added in the paisely brooch 'cause she knows my weakness!
I can't stop holding this hexagon!
And can you believe it *blush* I also won this beautiful jelly roll from Leona. Guess I'm going to be humming that silly postman song again for a while.

I have missed the boat on the 2010 Sewing Challenge for May, June and July. I am aiming to get something made for the smocked challenge, but I already know if I keep up this many work days, for sanity's sake it just won't happen *sigh*

I am still planning a little giveaway for post number 100...which is now only 3 posts away.
I was desperately trying to avoid 'drivel' posts that just made up the number, but at this rate I will be lucky to get sensible posts written by my 1 year anniversary.

Now I've done this little catch up post, I am going to make good use of this evening. Wish me luck!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. So it wouldn't be a good idea to ring you!!!!!!
    You have a wonderful postie. Hopefully you WILL get some quilting done this weekend. Have fun!!!!!

  2. ohh no! what a month you've had!
    hope all is calm soon & you can chill out with your quilting.

  3. Hope this weekend is much better. Happy Quilting:)

  4. Wow! YOU DO NEED A BREAK! Wish we could all send you a free day to spend creating away! Hopefully, you can go back to quilting this weekend and just relax! Can't wait to see what wonders you come up with! Hang in there!

  5. Enjoy your quilting time, hope you get lots of it!


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