Sunday, 12 September 2010

Playing with Crochet on International Crochet Day...

The ongoing saga of Minky with the thorn in her hand...On Friday the poor love had to have an operation to clean out a rather lumpy and infected area on the side of her hand near her little finger. 
She had to have a general anaesthetic and was in the operating theatre for about three quarters of an hour.
As I sat in the waiting area, I used the time to learn to 'ripple' or 'chevron' crochet.
Here is my little effort.

I'm quite excited and can see a larger blanket with lots of wool scraps being used. This should help to clean out my overflowing wool 'cupboard' (ok, 3 plastic bags on the floor of the sewing room...)...musn't. start. a. new. project...aargghhh...!

I had to make a scarf for myself after this one for the The Birthday Girl. I've only got to weave in the ends, so I can veg out in front of the TV tonight and do that!
I don't know about your monitor, but the colours here look so dead, when in fact they are the nicest variety of greens, tans, a bit of bluey-greens and a touch shimmer.
Sadly the Canon that I was used to using was 'hurt' when MATH was in New Zealand. I find the older camera harder to use and don't get the pics that I like. Even he agrees and uttered the magic words "If the other can't be fixed we should get you a new camera'... YES!

Oh and by the way, the first thing the surgeon said when he came to see me was " I don't know how the ultrasound missed this" as he handed me the thorn that has been embedded in her poor hand for the last 6 weeks - DESPITE me being adamant that there was something in there (I saw her hand before it swelled up, and could see the entry point of both thorns -ha - but what would I know!).
I was made to feel like an over-reacting hysteric when I kept insisting it was in there, and told that it was probably just a small piece and would be 'ejected' from the hand naturally as the body reacted to a foreign object!
Both thorns were approx the size of a 5cent piece, this pic shows the first one that came out on the day she hurt her hand. The one from the operation is slightly shorter, but much 'fatter'.
So, after two emergency dept visits, three hand clinic visits, a visit to the GP and a trip to surgery, the child is on the mend.

The moral of the story is:  Ultrasounds DON"T pick up everything and Mother probably does know what she's talking about.

Oh and today is (apparently) International Crochet Day, which was the original point of this post. I don't know who nominates these days, but I think I like them.
I missed "embroider in public day" which, I think I read somewhere, was September 3.
I look forward to International Quilting Day...
International Sewing Day...
International Knitting Day...
International Crafting Day...
At this rate I could have a day a month and justify to my family why I should craft a lot more than I do at present!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. I sometimes dig burs from my hubby's handy....I take much pleasure in this and if he complains of pain, I tell him "shoosh it's not child birth", but I certainly wouldn't say that to your girl....she is so very brave....well done

  2. Happy International Crochet Day! Hope you got lots done. Hope Minky is getting used to being left handed!!!

  3. A good cautionary tale! Mother's instinct is such a powerful thing. I'm glad it's all been sorted out. PS I love the granny square scarf.

  4. I love the idea of Crochet Day. Mind you every day has been crochet day recently.
    I recently had a thorn in my finger which no amount of poking with a sharp object would shift. Magnesium sulphate paste was the answer in the end, but it took about 3 weeks to draw it out.

  5. What a horror story. Hope Minky's hand will get better now. Silly doctors! Everyone knows that mother's know best!
    Happy International Crochet Day!

  6. Oh the ripple it's so cute! I hope some day to learn it.


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