Saturday, 9 October 2010

Baking Day - Blogtoberfest 2010 - Day 9

 Today is a baking day.
Strawberry plait
ricotta and cherry plait
banana cake
The Scottish relatives have arrived.
There are lots of family gatherings planned - the "card" night is tonight. That is where all the card fanatics play canasta and shout at each other, and the civilised members of the family retreat to a quiet area to converse!
MATH is one of 11 children, so add spouses, children, aunts and cousins and you have one huge  party.
I apologise in advance if the noise travels to your neck of the woods!
...and just so you don't think we are completely sweets laden - 

Old fashioned circa 1980's layered salad...yummo!

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thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

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  1. Hope the scottish visitors know what they're in for!!!!! LOL. No time for quilting so enjoy the company and the noise!


Nice of you to take a peek over the fence. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in, have a cuppa and a chat. I will talk back...


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