Sunday, 3 October 2010

Doing the Denim...Blogtoberfest 2010 - Day 3

I got an urgent call from the oldest daughter aka Pi.
She's doing her honours thesis  - due October 23. She is apparently sleeping in the students office at Uni. Apparently it is cold. She has a perfectly good bed in a perfectly good room, but apparently being close to Uni - cos it's panic stations with the thesis - is what counts*.

So she WANTS her quilt - the one that has been in progress for a while - well if the truth be told, I've been ignoring it and hoping it would go away. I knew the quilting part of it would be the HARD. It's recycled denim squares and my sewing machine complained the whole time I was sewing it together. I've been dreading the next step.

But -today I had to do the unthinkable and get it out.
Taped the backing and batting to the floor, lay out the quilt top and got going with the pinning.

Set the sewing machine up - Of course the machine couldn't cope - the quilt is really HEAVY! I KNEW it wouldn't work.
So I will be hand quilting this. In perle cotton. In big stitches. In the ditch...and around some of the special blocks...I can't bear to think about the binding...

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*Personally I think it's the party atmosphere not the urgency of the work - but maybe I'm just jealous that that is all past me??
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  1. The quilt is very cute! Good luck with it...It isn't easy quilting a heavy fabric like that. I do hand quilting too, so I do feel for you.
    It is lovely though!

  2. Don't be jealous Quilary!!!! If you were at Uni you wouldn't have time to quilt!!!!! And I'm sure you can still party on if you want to.
    Look after your hands whilst doing such a physiaclly demanding project!!! I hope Pi appreciates this!!!! I'm sure she will.

  3. Dropped by on the Blog hop but have to follow your blog, I want to know how the denim quilt comes out, ha! I recently completed a full/queen sized 100% wool quilt made from wool jackets, suit coats, blazers etc I bought at the second hand store for a pittance. Had to wash all the garments, rip out linings, cut them apart, and made 2.5 inch strips from them. There are 2 -- that 2 - 100% wool battings in that walrus. The backing is flannel. It's for my son, a mountain man who is crazy about wool, a Christmas surprise. I own a 70 year old wool quilt my grandmother made from my grandfather's wool suits that my son wants, and I won't give it up. He can have it someday but not yet. So I made him his own. WHAT a mess that thing made with the fibers. More than once I thought WHAT was I THINKING! I tied the quilt, it was way way too heavy to quilt, although I did use my walking foot and stitch in the ditch around all the borders to anchor the battings in place. It's the Double Irish Chain pattern (we're Irish as Paddy's pig), black background, red X's, with tan/cream/camel around the red X. Do you know, now that it's done, it's totally awesome, even if I do say so myself. I catch my husband sneaking into the spare bedroom where I have the quilt on a bed until Christmas, hubby is admiring it so much he is hinting we should keep it. So hang in there! I know that your denim quilt will be spectacular when it's done. I thought it might be so heavy you won't want to sleep under it, but we both tried laying under it, the mattress supports the weight of the quilt, it doesn't feel heavy on top of you at all. You are going to turn the heat down to 50 at night when you sleep under it though! Someday my son will have a cabin in the mountains, this will be his cabin quilt.

  4. I love your denim quilt. I made one of these years ago from my husband’s work jeans. We used it for years until it finally fell apart. I need to make another one since they work so well for cold weather.


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