Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I think I can...Blogtoberfest2010 - Day 20

Sometimes what I think I can so is miles ahead of what I can actually do.
The I think I can part...
Here is Cameo Rose.
She's from Australian Homespun issue no 32 (vol 6.6)

I'd vowed NEVER to make a bear - after all there are plenty of other very good bear makers out there.
Cameo Rose, however, got under my skin.
Here is Rosy
She kind of looks like her namesake.
The I can't part...
I gave up trying to make her nose...
I was almost defeated by the moveable arms and legs (they are in,  but quite floppy), 
I failed at stuffing
I stuffed up attaching her neck
She has a hunchback (but I promised her I wouldn't show you that)...
but she's pretty cute anyway...
(and just so you don't think I whipped her up just for Blogtober, she's been sitting on Miss Bee's bed for nearly 2 years!)

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Well Rosy looks pretty darn cute despite her floppy arms and hunchback!!

    I think noses are just the hardest thing to get right!! I have a bear I made 15 years ago that I just can't finish as I have had a zillion attempts at getting the nose right. So he is noseless and will remain so!

  2. Well done, I have found bearmaking to be very challenging!

  3. Rosie is part of the family. Not only quilting but bear making as well. Maybe she will have something crocheted for her?????


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