Sunday, 14 November 2010

Giveaway at Bejewelled Quilts

Barb over at Bejewelled Quilts has two giveaways going at the moment.
If you post about one, you'll get an entry in the second.
So here is her first giveaway, that introduces her Mum and 3 other sisters, who are all quilters.
There must be some heavy quilt DNA in that family.

The second give away is for a whole stack of fabrics to make a cathedral windows quilts. This giveaway is here.

November is Birthday Month chez quilary.
That all makes for a slow crafting and blogging month.
Last weekend there was the party for 17yr old - Princess (in the best sense of the word NOT the spoilt brat sense!). A quiet BBQ with some lovely young ladies.
Today it's the 11 yr old - Miss Bee (the baby *sob* *sob*), with a jumping castle .
This time last year we had no kitchen to speak and there were no parties OR homemade cakes. This year has been a bit different, but more of that later.
I'd better get moving - a bit more to do before the 20 11year olds storm the fort...

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. happy birthday celebrations quilary family!
    hope you have a great day & some relaxing later on too.

  2. Thanks for the shout out....and I am glad I came by, will take a look around....


Nice of you to take a peek over the fence. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in, have a cuppa and a chat. I will talk back...


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