Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve 2010

It's New Year's Eve here. Very soon I will have to stop saying "Where did the year go?" - but still "where did that year go?"

I don't need to remind myself of what I've made this year - somebody put it nearly all of it  into a book for me!

Last year there were a few things I documented that I would try to do in 2010.

Not surprisingly, I only got through half of them, but I added so many things on the way, that I can look back and say I accomplished a lot.

This year - I won't make any exact promises just some
'to live by' rules.
I'm going to look for reasons to be happy.
I'm going to work on ways to be healthy.
I'm going to use good quality thread.
I'm going to change my sewing machine needle every project.

Yep, I think I can manage all that.
2011 is shaping up to be a good year indeed!

Happy New Year to all.
May 2011 give you reasons to be happy and healthy. 
May your thread not break,
and your needles always be sharp (except if you need them to be ball-point)

thanks for taking a peek over the fence in 2010...
...hope to see you popping by in 2011

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