Sunday, 23 January 2011

Making and Doing

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One of the great things about holidays and a New Year is that I have the time and the excuse to clean the sewing room. Not to mention needing space to sew and to find things.

I was given this huge amount of fabric before Christmas and it has slowly been oozing out of the bag, slinking all over the floor and tripping unsuspecting family members.

There's every sort of material that you could imagine, matt, shiny, stretchy, metallic, sequinned, lacy...and many of them in several different colour ways - they came via a friend of a friend...don't you just love  those sort of friends?
They are now safely stored in a plastic box, catalogued in my mind(!), ready for when inspiration strikes. Some of them will very likely turn up as a bag, lining or pockets
What I've been making...
I've been working on the giveaway prize (from this post)
This heart was cut out from the go cutter die too - so easy to cut and then put together - I am in heaven with this - and will be in further raptures when I get my next die order from Catherine courtesy of her brilliant gift ceritficates (it also helps when Christmas and your birthday coincide - thanks loving family).
I still have to add borders to make it into a 12 1/2" square for Quilts for Queensland.
 The drunkards path will also end up being sent off, when I figure which order to sew them in!!!
Another Queensland project is making a sewing caddy for New Beginnings - the link is on the sidebar top right. The pattern I was planning on using is from Handmade magazine. I had some fabric off-cuts and doileys that I picked up on one of my Camden quilt show jaunts.
 The doileys were already cut so I didn't have the pain of cutting into them myself!
Well when all was said and done, I didn't follow the pattern because the material wouldn't let me, and nor would the doileys! - they insisted on being used in their own particular way...
Here's the finished product - I just love it and am really excited about how pretty it turned out. It has a scissor holder, needle book, pincushion and a biggish pouch for project materials.

I hope to make another one  - and I know just where to find an interesting stash of material too....

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

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  1. Love the caddy you designed what a great way to recycle old doileys! Glad to see that your new toy is getting lots of use too!


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