Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hope that didn't hurt your ears...but that's what I've did this morning when the courier last week when the other courier arrived...

with this...

A gen-yew-ine CurlyPops iphone cover...I'm walking around with a *silly grin* on my face... I just LOVE it!

and this...

 The parcel that was the impulse buy ( I know - I'm a bad little Australian, but sometimes that $AUD is just too tempting!). What's making me so HAPPY is that the prints co-ordinate so well.

The are all from different collections, but they just GO together exactly how I want them to for making this pattern that I got a few weeks ago. Hawthorne Threads little fabric colour matcher works!

I've been slowly making the swap items for Sew It Together in March. The badge was mailed a day or two ago, so it should arrive at it's home shortly. I'll post a pic of the finished nametag in a day or too.

(PS sorry about the funny test post that may have appeared earlier - I downloaded that wretched windows live writer - and I still don't think I want to use it. One time I used Word 2007 to post,  thought it was brilliant and it hasn't worked since! and it's giving me the pip. I'll have to get InHouse IT Guy to look at it...)


  1. Lucky you - so many lovely new things! I did wonder about that test post!

  2. Love the postman when he brings parcels and not bills. Fantastic buys.

  3. Lovely to read your blog today. See you in a few weeks at SIT.


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