Friday, 8 April 2011

The Girl With the Easter Hat...

Piece of cardboard.
Green craft paper.
Plastic lace.
Flowers made of pipe cleaners, coloured paper and pompoms.
Eggs from coloured paper - stuffed  with thread and fabric scraps!
Paddle pop sticks to hold up the bunny.
Pink ribbon (Easter Hat girl even cut the tails of the ribbon like "you do Mum".)
Everything came out of the "useful box" (when the kids were younger, one of my favourite things *read inexpensive retail therapy* was having on hand a great collection of useful goodies for kids crafting - it's getting depleted and I will be sad when I no longer have need for the useful box!)
Bunnies and basket printed and coloured in by the Easter Hat girl.

She won first prize in her Grade and came home with enough chocolate to sink a ship!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Congratulations, mum. You stepped up to the challenge.

  2. Gorgeous Hat, well done!!! My useful box sat in the cupboard for years after the kids had outgrown it. It's really hard to let go.

  3. Hello Ms B. You are very clever, and I love your sweet happy Easter hat. Congratulations on winning the hat making competition. You must take after your very clever mummy and the great MATH too. lots of love Marisew

  4. Well done Miss B. You are taking after your mum in the creativitity department! Love how you made it yourself. Don't eat all the chocolate at once.... maybe you could save one for your godmother!
    thanks for the photos Quilary.

  5. What a lovely post -- That hat is a real Bobby Dazzler and I am so glad she won!
    I love Craft boxes and will always have one perhaps just for me x

  6. Good on you! I hope she is a generous soul when it comes to chocolate?!


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