Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Giveaways Galore...

Giveaway the first...
Leona has just made the move from her home in Florida to West Pennsylvania. A huge move for family reasons. You should head on over to her blog for this fabulous giveaway.
As always, Leona has a load of lovely goodies that could arrive in your letterbox (although mine would be preferable), including the fabric bundle shown in the picture (which I lifted from Leona's blog!).

Giveaway the second...

I have been admiring the style of these gorgeous patterns and the brilliant quilting that makes the applique stand out so well.
Love - Cover Photo
photo from don't look now blog
Now there's the chance to win a pattern from Kellie. Go here to find out how to enter (and don't let the "intestines" put you off!).

My postcard was an attempt to capture the gorgeousness of this technique...alas I have a long way to go...but who knows, winning a pattern could change my world...


thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, now I've got some new blogs to read too!


Nice of you to take a peek over the fence. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in, have a cuppa and a chat. I will talk back...


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