Monday, 18 April 2011

How do I love term breaks, let me count the ways#...

What I've been working on ....
cleaning the windows,
view details*

view details*
...oh hang on that's the stuff I've been avoiding!

I've finished and sent off a mug rug...can't show you it all because it's still on it's way to W.A.
Received mine....oh I LOVE paisley so much.
I already mentioned I <3 paisley yes?
Cheryl has made something that is so perfect for me...I'm beyond delighted. Thanks Cheryl and thanks to Leona for organising the swap.

The weather is cold enough so the mammoth, ripple crochet blanket has been getting a row or two done each evening...and keeping my toes warm in the process.
And lastly....
This is the quilt top I started at Sew It Together, top is finished and I'm thinking that I'll back it with a fleece or flannelette and use it as a throw in the family room... easy on the eye is that paisley?...

# apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. You had me worried there, thinking that not only were you a domestic goddess, you had also found time to illustrate your housework.
    Some useless information for you now. I grew up near Paisley, home of the original Paisley pattern shawl. And I visited a restored weavers cottage and saw an original loom set up with the pattern being worked.
    Fiona x

  2. Love all your projects.... I'm with you on the housework.... the dust will still be there tommorrow.... quilt top is just georgeous...

  3. Wow, you have been busy. Loving that ripple blanket!

  4. What a perfect mug rug for you - blue to match the kitchen and paisley as well! Looking forward to seeing your quilt... don't know when though.
    And I like you apology to Elizabeth B B

  5. Still think Mug Rug is genius, love Posie

  6. I love rippling and Granny Squares -- I must be a born " Hooker!"
    Love Linda


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