Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Busy Postman...

Time for me to mind my manners and thank some great people
for things that have arrived in the last 5 months...MAY already???...eeeek

This lovely pack came from Leona's first Mug Rug Adventure swap.
(Signups for the second one began on 1 May - here).

How about these?

No I didn't get 4 jelly rolls, I just had to try and show you the colours in the Swiss Chocolate range. This is from a giveaway at Amanda Murphy designs back in February.  I can't possibly make anything I just unroll and re-roll it to look at the colours. Never fear, it's not going to waste.
I just have to make up my I turn it into this scrumptious quilt?...
or maybe this one...
Swiss Chocolate
(both images from Amanda Murphys Blog)

Then there is this roll of Oasis - it's just full of such pretty soft colours...

that came from the very talented Shruti of 13 Woodhouse Road (check out her Bella Solids giveaway - on all this month!).

Linda from Living the dream sent me these cute little gifts - a thimble and a magnet from her town in France.
 ...the lovely carved wood thimble has made itself right at home with my tiny...but expanding...collection of thimbles

I promised not to buy any more material until I'd made a dent in the existing stock...
...and the existing projects... we won't worry about that stash of material that arrived last week...
(there's a sneak peek of sewing machine fabric in one of the photos!)

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Oh that was lucky... I didn't know you were collecting thimbles will keep looking for others on my travels. Hugs.

  2. You have been on a winning streak - congrats! Have fun working with those beautiful jelly rolls.

  3. LOL You'll have to get a bigger letterbox!!!!! Congratulations Quilary.

  4. Love those Jelly Rolls! I look forward to seeing the Quilts that you make from them. Has hubby noticed how big your stash is getting yet??

  5. Congratulations on all your winnings! I, too, received a prize this week - it's a book called "Fiesta Quilts" and it's all about quilting by inspiration from Mexican tiles...paper piecing & machine applique - my 2 very favorite methods...and I simply LOVE it! Aren't we the lucky ones!!!

  6. Haha.... you have the fabric bug SOOOOOO bad.... fun things to see today.. thanks

  7. one very lucky lady :-) thanks for your lovely comment.


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