Sunday, 15 May 2011

I wonder why…?

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t get as much time to make things, as I would like. I even made a plan
Saturday’s Sewing Schedule:
8.45 quilary takes Minky to Netball Umpiring at Clemton Park– home by 9.00am
9.20 quilary takes Miss Bee to her game – waits for Minky and friend until...
9.52 quilary drives Minky and Friend to their Netball game at Rockdale, drops them off and returns home by 10.25am…put on a load of washing, put on dishwasher, wash up what doesn’t fit in, clear breakfast stuff, clean off benchtops (knowing that sleeping older teens will undo all work by noon!)
(meanwhile the MaTH is at the Clemton park game and brings Miss Bee home by 11.05).
11.15 quilary takes Miss Bee to swimming class* – crochet 1 and a bit rounds of this:

12.15 return home.
(meanwhile MaTH heads to Rockdale with BaTH to pick up Minky, and then drives to Sydney University to take BaTH to Rugby game – home by 12.45)
12.40 quilary takes Princess to her netball game at…you guessed it…Rockdale – arrives back 1.10pm
Do some housework.
Eat something.
Yell - at older ones to clean up after themselves.
More washing.
More yelling - at younger ones to tidy rooms and put away clothes.
Drink something (only tea!!! though by this time something stronger was definitely in order).
2.30 MaTh drives quilary & Miss Bee to…aagggh I can’t type the “R” word without coming over all faint…you-know-where, to pick up Princess from her game, and drive into the city for fitting of pointe shoes at Bloch’s. Spend a forturne on 2 pairs of pointe shoes, two sets of ribbons, “ouch pouches”, jazz booties, leotard, crop top. Have to beg for change from Princess to buy train tickets home. (note to self – should rename “Princess” – “Priceless” works for me). Get home by 5.15pm.
Think about dinner - something easy for tonights 'concert goers'. No shopping has been done - reheat leftovers. Find "missing" stockings for one of the concert goers. Force feed daughters before they go.
5.45 MaTH leaves with Minky and Princess - the 'concert goers' - to collect up 5 other girls to drive them to the Katy Perry concert in the city.

6.00pm Ms Diva asks, with “puppy dog” eyes, for lift to a 21st party in Concord - only a 15 minute trip- (she forgets to add “if you have a helicopter”). Argument ensues.
“you took everyone else where they needed to go today” “how will Jess and I get there”, “you’re not going out now you can take us”, “it’s not fair” “but it’s a 21st I want to have a drink”, “blah, blah, etc”
“they are 11, 14 and 17”, “you are old enough to organise your own way to places”, “you’ve known for a week we can’t take you”, “I’m not doing another round trip of an hour to get you to a party” “you can take the car and drive Jess too”, “blah, blah etc”.
With a very stern NO! and accusations of unfairness ringing in my ears, I sit down to eat my dinner and read the days paper. Read article in the Good Weekend about a Palestinian father who loses 3 daughters to Israel missile hitting his home. He is not bitter or angry.  He only wishes for peace and understanding between the two countries.  I can't imagine the horror of his loss.

I realise I should to take my daughter to her party and tell her I’ve changed my mind. Cue tears of happiness and love…I told her why and I think we both learned something valuable. (Not long after, because this generation always make arrangements at the last possible minute, it turned out the other girl didn't want to drink and decided that she’d drive and pick Ms Diva up on the way!!!!).
Wash up, clear away, tidy kitchen after dinner...
7.00pm the BaTh, who fortunately got a lift home from Rugby, comes and ask with '”puppy dog” eyes for a lift to Oatley…with resigned droop of the head I weakly mumble “yes honey”. I muster up the authority to say "I will take you no later than 7.30" (because I don’t think I can actually stay awake any later than that…)
7.45pm (authority completely undermined) quilary drives the BaTH – back home by 8.10pm...sigh!
8.10 sit on the lounge with Miss Bee and the MaTH to watch Dr Who - try to crochet. Can't keep count properly and give up.
Can you spot what is missing from my sewing schedule?

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...
*just so you know we are not completely mental  - that was Miss Bee’s last swimming lesson - at least till Netball season is over!


  1. WHAT CAN I SAY???????????
    Other than I didn't see any SEWING it that schedule.


    Hopefully some sewing was achieved today.

  2. I'm amazed you had the energy to write this post! I haven't sewn nor posted in months, seriously, months! Hope you've recovered and found some sewing time today :).

  3. Yeah, um, not a lot of "sewing" happening there. And Dr Who is too exciting these days to get too much crafting done lol.

  4. Now I get the picture as to why you didnt want to drive anywhere on Sunday. Hope your sewing machine managed a workout since

  5. Good on you Hilly! It won't be very long when you'll be relying on them to drive YOU. What a thought!! Hope you get more sewing done next weekend.Therese x


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