Friday, 27 May 2011

She'll Be Apples

I'm delighted to say that the cushion cover I made for Vic's cushion swap made it across the ditch to it's new home with Miriam of makeitgiveit.
This is what the front and the envelope back look like.

It's loved...I'm happy

...and here is the MAGNIFICENT cushion cover I received from Tanya ...
as soon as I took it out and saw this...I just hugged tight.
I almost didn't even want to unwrap it.
I did
Just look at it!
Exquisitely made...sewn...quilted...
Even the quilary offspring were so aware of the specialness of this that one said it shouldn't go on the lounge in case someone put their feet on it!
Tanya has a picture of it all plump and squishy on her blog.
(If I wait to take my own photo, I'll never get this posted)

Thank you Tanya for sharing your apple fabric 
and making somthing that is perfect!

Thank you Vic for bringing 
the enjoyment of making and giving to the real world!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. That is so beautiful!! the one you made and the one you received!

  2. They are both gorgeous!

  3. All this cushion love is making me terribly happy!

    Very nice outgoing & incoming cushions you've got there; thanks so much for joining in.

  4. Both are very lovely cushions.... so fun to have a swap you both enjoy....

  5. loving the love Hilary! Yours (sent) is great- and it does fit right in there on the couch where it now lives!

  6. 2 fab cushions for sure!

  7. Lovely cushions, both of them! How lovely it was to give and to receive - I had friends comment that they couldn't believe I sent mine away, but it's so nice to freely give something you're truly proud of. She's a good girl that Vic!


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