Friday, 17 June 2011

After the Rain...

You may be wondering what I bought when I was stranded in the rain.
These two fabrics – the floral and the green filler - are for the backing and binding of my current embroidery project. IMG_2578 IMG_2577 I wasn’t sure if all those flowers were a ‘bit too much’, but seeing them in the photo – and there will be miles of white blanketing (apparently we now call it ‘negative space’) between the central design and the edges – I think it will all work quite ok.
I also picked up a backing that I’m going to use for the ‘bubbles and ruffles’ quilt. I like the embossed pattern because it picks up some of the pattern design of the main blue fabric (and it will also be much easier to quilt with white in the top and bottom threads!).

I just had to play with that photo effect and it does show the pattern in the white.
This week I sewed the bottom of this bag - on the machine - and surprised myself with how well it turned out. This'll be added to the pile of "things I'll make again". It has an oval bottom that is pinned in place, then both the base and bag are bound and it’s really easy to machine sew the binding, a definite plus when you want to have more in the 'finish' pile than the 'whenever' pile!IMG_2567
Finally , I've been getting work done on the mug rug for this swap.  I am going to add some embroidery with stranded and perle cotton, rather than machine quilting – just for something different.
Well that’s been my week – I won’t bore you with the vacuuming, washing, folding, dinners and all those other things that usually make up my week and eat severely into quilting/sewing/crochet and embroidery time!!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence.


  1. such lovely projects.... the embroidery is looking fantastic...

  2. Don't you just hate the vacuuming, washing, folding, cooking, etc.? Those things just get in the way. I love the way your machine sewing of the bag bottom turned out. I always end up doing it by hand, I wish I was daring enough to give it a try.

  3. Glad to see that you did get some time to quilt and embroider this week Quilary. Have you got your shopping list ready for next week?


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