Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Living in a material world...

Material: A lovely parcel of vintage sheeting arrived recently and were a lovely surprise after a hard days work and some of the emotional upheaval I've been through.

There are 5 lovely crisp fat quarters. I have been playing with them and photographing them in different ways (no I didn't win two sets!). I fear that I have now been bitten by the "vintage sheet lovin' bug" and am holding Jacqui totally responsible. I have to admit that I thought it was a bit funny - all the hype around the sheets, but I totally understand it now - there is something quite exciting about the colours, the texture, the history...I have even already picked out a couple of solid colours that will be used to go with some of the fabrics...there will be a least one cushion cover being whipped up soon. Thanks so much Jacqui for these really brightened up my day in more ways than one.

Materialistic...Nic from CreativeDisorganization blogged about some lovely fat quarters she found at Spotlight and me being the copycat I am just needed them as well. I went after my visit to the dentist (oh yes I've had a great week!) but couldn't find them for the "special" price. Never mind...I found this lot instead...Paisley and Christmas in the one piece....ooh yeah!
Materialism...Fluffy pom poms destined for Meet Me at Mikes:
Mental...And finally one of the best things for keeping sane in the face of the madness that can be family life...the last of the square in a square blocks for the next border of the quilt variously known as... 
"I <3 Paisley"
"Mariners Compass"
"The Paisley Nightmare"
"That Giant UFO that I'm not quite sure what to do next with..."
It is actually coming together and I'm a really getting quite fond of it, fiddly blocks and all!!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. the vintage sheets are lovely - I keep my eyes open but I only find the old worn out ones!!

  2. wow lucky lady with the vintage sheet. The are gorgeous

  3. Sounds like you've had a bit of a rough week so what better than lovely fabrics to cheer you up. You can take time out from fretting to plan your next sewing project. Families are just full of ups and downs and dramas and traumas, but it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Hope it all settles down for you now.
    Fiona x

  4. I am loving your Giant UFO quilt. It is very pretty. Do you mind my asking how large it is?


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