Friday, 26 August 2011

Sewing, Sunshine & Sweets...

Sewing...Ms Diva has left the country. She's off on her trip to the US, Bahamas and Mexico...and this is what she took with her...a handmade Mummy present!

It's turned out really well. This is how she wanted the colours to be (although I think I would have had the wild travel print on the outside!). Not sure what Hurricane Irene is planning to do...I can see I am going to be learning how to read satellite images for the next three weeks!...and I'll probably become Best Friends with  The National Hurricane Center.

Sunshine...Sunshine in the Mail aka Snail Mail Swap:
My partner Sam at Knitting Adventures and I have been playing email tag, as we try to catch up so I can send off her swap goodies.
I've sent off a few handmade bits and pieces that I hope will be like some sunshine in the mail...but I'll only show photos of the half-finished it will still be a surprise when it arrives.

******************************** I'm going to be doing a bit of cooking rather than sewing (a big sacrifice!).
I'm taking a dessert to my Sister-in-Law's 40th tonight. My poor lemon tree is drooping under the weight of all those lemons,
so it's going to be lemon day today....lemon slice, lemon tart and if the bowl is in the freezer, lemon sorbet... 

 My mouth is watering at the thought of all those lemons...

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Love the way the handmade Mummy present turned out. I love the colors/fabrics...functional and beautiful.

  2. Love the Mummy present, I hope she has a safe trip. How did the baking go? I always make a Lemon Pudding when I have lemons on hand. Beau whips up lemon Slice and usually manages to eat the lot!

  3. Mmmm! It all sounds delish! :)
    Do you have a final photo of all the stuff you sent sam?


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