Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I know it looks like I've been making rectangular bunting...
but no...lots and lots of squares for Minky's quilt.
I have made quilts for 4 of my girls. This is the last girl quilt to be made.
The daisy print in the foreground is the main border fabric and the stripe is for a narrow inner border. We picked out colours from the main print to use in the squares and threw in orange to pick up the colour in the stripe. I love the way it is coming together - so does she!
I am getting it done so much quicker since I decided to give up housework...

I still have to come up with the right idea for a quilt for the BaTH (Boy about The House)...I like to keep the most challenging till the very end! He was going to get one for his 18th birthday - but that was in 2010...I really should have given up housework sooner.

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. lol. All I can see in my head is this manic quilter busily making quilts while the house falls down around her. The cat is in the sink among the piles of dirty dishes and the dog has curled up in the dirty clothes in the laundry. As for the family....well they just go to McDonalds for dinner and buy new clothes because "Heaven forbid" they should have to do any housework!. Happy Quilting!!

  2. They are beautiful. You'll girls will enjoy these for years and years. You can't say that about a vacuumed floor or a cupboard of clean dishes.


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