Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Domesticity...Blogtoberfest Day 18

Today I laughed at the sight of a 20 yr old ironing sheets, pillowcases and doona cover! She's set her generation back a decade!
We went shopping for bedding for her new bed, starting out at the Sheridan factory where she found a doona cover and matching navy pillowcases.
The next stop was Spotlight and she found the exact shade of grey she wanted, as well as an extra cushion to sit on the bed. Into the wash they went, onto the line, then ironed...ironed I tell you...that child really has too much time on her hands!!

What I found was a 1000count cotton set of a fitted sheet and two pillowcases for our queen bed for only $50. I bought two sets. Somehow the fitted sheet is the one that gets always gets ripped, or the elastic perishes.
Now I have the right number of fitted and flat sheets...and did I mention the 1000 count thread? It is glorious, soft but nice and thick. I thought I was being a little bit fancy when I bought 300 count...oh the sheer luxury of indulgence of grand proportions! (Don't tell anyone, but I actually ironed my new sheets too)!

More domesticity...Baking:
 These vegetarian sausage rolls were from a recipe that retromummy had on her blog.
Sesame and poppy seeds!
They are delicious, scrummy, tasty, fussiest eater ate them...and ever so easy to make...

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  1. What a bargain those sheets were, such luxury. The pasties look so good I will have to get the recipe and try them. If your daughter has so much time on her hands maybe she could do all your ironing???? I know....only in your dreams!


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