Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Formal...Blogtoberfest Day 11

The Year 12 Formal, or more accurately, The "Yr 12 excessively-expensive-dress-shoes-bag-fake tan-hair-nails-teeth (well maybe that doesn't count as they were paid for over 2 years ago)-hired-limousine-Formal" is on the agenda for Ms Princess later in November. Though I scoff, I can understand, that, for these mostly 18 year olds, it's their final memories of school, and a chance to get thoroughly dresses up.

The Yr 6 Formal is another matter entirely! It has crept up on us over the years as each of our girls has left Primary School. The "event" seemed to be getting bigger and much more outlandish and held in Reception Centres! 
This year sanity has prevailed. The school has it's refurbished BER Hall, so, along with a like minded group of Grade Parents, we will have a thoroughly age appropriate Yr 6 End of Year Dinner.
For Miss Bee and her classmates, there will be balloons,
Blue Balloon Party Decorations
photo credit
and a DJ (kiddie size),
photo credit
yummy kiddie finger food,
photo credit
and sensible kiddie clothes,
photo credit
...For after all, they are only 11 and 12 years old - and they have several years ahead of them, before they have to compete in the high stakes world of the the Year 12 formal.

I wasn't really comfortable with it at all.
Now I'm happy.
I wonder what your school is doing or has done in the past?

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

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  1. Oh my goodness I have no children but I'm a secondary school teacher at an all girls school and you can imagine the ridiculous expense they go to for their semi-formals and formals. It is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. You are so sensible and I wish more parents would take a leaf out of your book. Children are really growing up earlier and earlier these days and it is sad.

  2. Hard to believe that the little baby I held is leaving Primary school. hope the last term is filled with excitement and anticipation (and not too much stress for mum and dad).

  3. The whole YR 12 formal blew my mind away when my daughter did it 2 years ago .... I just couldn't get my head around the expense. As a single mum I found it a huge burden. I wanted my daughter to be happy and love it, but the pressure was enormous. I made her dress and she looked beautiful. I keep wondering why schools don't have formals in the gym and get the kids involved in decorating the hall ...

  4. We don't do that in the US, but I am glad to hear there are parents out there that want their kids to be kids and not hurry them up into the teen years. Let them be innocent, and childish for a while. There's plenty of time for fancy dresses, limos, & dates when they hit 16+.

  5. Some of the schools here have started formal dances for primary school leavers. Thankfully too late for mine. I don't really like to see 11/12 year olds dressed in formal evening dresses. It just seems wrong. Mind you, the wee boys in their kilts look fab.

  6. My three eldest went to a restaurant for dinner and presentations with no parents invited. When my youngest finished Primary school they had a BBQ at school and presentations and all the parents were invited. Much nicer and cheaper. Also good to let the parents be involved cause I think we were just a little involved with their schooling!

  7. Yes I agree. I could never understand the need for a big expensive formal at the end of primary school. Lucky the school my boys went to just had a presentation night, and they had to wear school uniform.


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