Saturday, 22 October 2011

MPAY...Blogtoberfest Day 22

My Place and Yours returns every Saturday.

Today's theme is My Pin Cushion...
This is my cupcake pincushion
It sits serenly amid the jumble of my sewing.
It was made by Cathy and was my first ever blog giveaway win...
Made of felt, it's so soft, and takes even my longest quilting pins.
Altogether pretty special and holds happy bloggy memories for me... 

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  1. It's exciting winning a blog giveaway isn't it:) What a sweet cupcake pincushion made by a sweet lady.

  2. Ooooo that is one super sweet Pin Cushion made by one of the sweetest bloogers ever ... lucky you! It's so great having MPAY's back ... love it!

  3. It is a lovely cupcake pincushion... so great to win fun and useful things...

  4. Very very nice cupcake pincushion, a prize in more ways than one!

  5. On first glance I thought you really were sticking pins in a cupcake!!

    It's exquisite! I love, love, love it!

    Thanks for joining in this week!

    (Can I fit any more exclamation points in here...?!)

  6. now that's a great prize! It looks so sweet!

  7. Yummy! The more pin cushion posts I go through the more pin cushion envy I have.

  8. Some people are just so clever!(and generous) what a joy to have and use.


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