Monday, 3 October 2011

Patterns...Blogtoberfest Day 3

Today's quilting calendar page. Labour Day holiday - for some maybe
...not for Mums...on school holidays...with teenagers in the house...

Today I cleared away some of the last reminders that there were ever babies around here *sigh*.
I took all the bath toys out to the laundry, put them into a huge bucket of bleach, some to be kept (I can dream can't I?), and some to go to Vinnies.
Miss Bee asked what I was doing. I still have her sweet words singing in my heart "make sure you keep the boats, all the boats...and the floating penguins..."
...hmmm...maybe not all the last reminders are gone...

Todays blog visits were brought to you by the letters "s", "e" and "w".
If your blog has "sew" in the title, it was me who stalked visited your blog!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Oh that did bring a tear to the eye!!! Can't believe that they have all grown so much. Where did that time go???? See you soon.

  2. I still have boxes in the shed with the kids toys in them and every book they ever had. I did ask them to sort the books one day and only keep their favorites. Not one book of the hundreds was thrown out. I dream of empty cupboards........


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