Friday, 21 October 2011

White Ant...Blogtoberfest Day 21

White ant - "to subvert or undermine from within".(ref).
The term comes from the way termites eat away the wooden beams and can cause the collapse of a building without anyone realising that damage is being done.

Termites are not the best thing to find in your house....
except if the result is going from this:

To potentially this...
Laundry Room
photo credit 
...or maybe this...
Laundry makeover: practical and pretty accompanying image
No I really don't hate termites at all!!!

We're only up to this bit at the moment...
 ...but stay tuned 
...and, no I didn't entice the termites - there was no white-anting by me!!!!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Sorry you got white ants but lucky you to get a new laundry!! Mine is about equivalent to yours and I don't think it is even on the list to get a make over. Husbands opinion...'It does the job!'

  2. Big job sorting them out but I am glad there will be a happy outcome!!

  3. Hey your laundry still looks heaps better than mine ! Good luck getting your new one done .


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