Monday, 7 November 2011

MPAY...Favourite clothing

This week's MPAY "My favourite piece of clothing"

I could do a long post on my least favourite clothing and I would start of ranting about how hard it is to find something for a 12 yr old that doesn't make her look like she just stepped out of a...well let's not go there!

This is the 'not rant' part:  I love this little dress...
given to Miss Bee for her birthday
It is simple, modest, has a little bit of lace that makes it "in fashion" for her...(she keeps eyeing off her older sisters lacy dresses...and their platform shoes...)
It's a great length, cool and it looks lovely on her . Even better it was a 12th birthday present from her (almost) 21yr old sister...the ultimate seal of approval for a young lady!

 So this is My favourite piece of clothing... thank you Just Jeans for selling things I'm happy to put my little girl in!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. I know what you mean. I have a tiny 13 year old that still fits in size 8 girls stuff, but doesn't want to look like a little kid. It is a tricky balance. That is a lovely dress. We have bought a few things from just Jeans kids, becuase they do seem to get it right!

  2. It is a very pretty dress, perfect for her age.Thankfully I don't have the problem of dressing a young teenage girl anymore.

  3. oh yes, gifts from a big sister are always fashionable, and such a pretty dress, grown up but appropriate. My teen (adult now) thankfully was never difficult. She is super conservative, and I think sometimes she is channelling a 1950's housewife. I call her Alice occasionally. But, I don't have to see her go out in shorts that show the world her parentage .... so that is good.

  4. Beautiful. Of course it is especially perfect because it is from Big Sis - I am a big Sis myself & pride myself in my cool present giving abilities! ;)

    Thanks for joining in again this week. :)

  5. That is a really sweet dress, so hard to find the right clothing for a young girl.(that they like too)

  6. Very pretty. I could not see the lace in the first picture. The lace really makes this dress. Everyone should be lucky enough to have an older sister.

  7. Its such a beautiful dress! Lovely that her sister gave it to her. I know what you mean about how some young girls dress!!!! Makes me cringe some times!!! This is a lovely post xx

  8. Ohh Dear Really ExlentYours Blog.....

  9. Actually I think you'll find that miss B's dress was from Both her older sisters!! Glad you approve though :)


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