Saturday, 12 November 2011


Lots of progress this week...
Me progress...I'm feeling a whole lot better. I've healed nicely and only have some lovely purple bruises to show for the operation.
I even went to work a few days this week. I felt good, but tired by the end of the day. Many people seem to have horror stories about the type of operation so I'm truly grateful that I wasn't sick longer...

Age progress...Ms Bookworm turned 18 through the week. Very fitting cake made by Minky - love that these sisters all get on so well...

Sewing progress... a tablerunner for the school's end of year raffle...

a very cute little  fellow (pattern from Clares Craftroom) who will be going to Softies for Mirabel

and my second block for the Bloggers BOM

Laundry progress...all the floor tiling is done, the exterior cladding on and the windows are in.

the basin and shower taps are done. Still waiting on the shower screen and toilet...

the washing machine and dryer are in (temporarily because the builder will be back today
to do the cornices and architraves)

The fans, lights, cupboards, counter top and sink still have to go in and the electricals tidied up...but a huge difference to what I had before...

...I'm already enjoying putting on loads of you think I may still be feeling the effects of the anaesthetic?

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Love the birthday cake. Glad to hear you are healing well. Gall stones are really not very nice are they..

  2. Great progress all round. The laundry/shower looks good in black and white, the cake looks yummy, there will be a lucky raffle winner,and a lucky recipient of a softie, and best of all YOU are feeling a whole lot better and have time to quilt!!!!!!

  3. ....a great post; apologies for taking so long to take a peek....well done, not sure where to start the comment except that I love it all

  4. Boy, you sure have been busy. There seems to be a lot going on in your life. Loved catching up with you.

  5. Good to hear all is well after your op. Sure is busy at your place, lucky girl a new bathroom and laundry i would be concerned if you were enjoying ironing but loading the washing machine thats cool!

  6. That is a fabulous cake! And so sweet that her sister made it - I will wait for those days!
    Glad to hear you are on the mend - and you have progress everywhere - Christmas sewing - I am impressed.

  7. Sounds like things are going well. Glad to hear that you are healing okay and getting over the operation. Hey, that cake is awesome .... so appropriate. Hope you feel back to your old self again soon.

  8. I love progress, especially when it involves home improvement! Not sure about the "turning 18 already" progress, can't I just keep mine little forever?
    Glad to hear you've bounced back well from the op.


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