Friday, 23 December 2011

Buying and Using Fabric…

Not long ago these fabrics found a home with me…they were on sale and I couldn’t leave them languishing on a shelf somewhere feeling unloved (I’m too kind for my own good).


Luckily, almost all of these have a purpose: The two pieces of blue Saffron Craig fabric are to re-make the bag with the disastrous tension issues. The second piece of the Saffron Craig flowers is for the Bloggers Block of the month.
The purple bundle was a total impulse buy – I’ve never, ever bought a fat quarter bundle, and couldn’t resist – it’s purpose, at the moment, is to be admired.
The same with the Tammis Keefe…that is until Miss Bee was trying to think of what to get Ms Princess for Christmas. I suggested a pillow with a pouch for her iPod, an idea prompted by this tutorial…and she chose my Tammis Keefe print!!! And we decided on a doily as the pouch, which makes it a very easy project and super easy and quick for a last minute gift idea.
The evidence that I really did have to cut into it! This was a half yard piece that I trimmed to (approx)14" by (approx) 140". This gives a decent overlap and doesn't gape at the back.

Here's the young lady herself hemming the sides. The fabric is going to be overlapped around the pillow form to make a big sideways pouch (necessary because of  the direction of this print).
We wrapped the fabric around the pillow and used pins to mark where the overlap would be.
Then pinned a doily where the pocket on the front sits. We sewed around most of the doily, leaving a gap large enough to be able to put the required electronic device in. A cute rose button is sewn onto the doily for decoration.
Then the top and bottom hems were sewed, and the whole thing was turned inside out through the gap in the back.
A size 14 pillow form was stuffed into it and...

The finished pillow

with the handy overlapped back.
It's all wrapped and under the tree already.
One happy little sister who can't wait for her big sister to open her present.
This took no more than an hour! Seriously!

I'm happy I sacrificed this beautiful fabric. It will have a full and happy life, rather than sit in a bin just being admired...not that there is really anything wrong with that!!!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

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  1. The pillow is absolutely perfect, love the fabric. Actually I love all your lovely fabrics but I am refusing to have fabric envy. Laundry envy was enough envy for one year! Merry Christmas


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