Thursday, 15 December 2011


…aching wrist, tingling fingers…probably started by manical data entry as the school office prepares for the end of the school year and preparation of next years classes and other admin tasks, not helped by blog hopping.

Actually it’s interfering with my blog hopping to try and win copious amounts of fabric, patterns and even shoes (follow the link and see what I mean), to take me through 2012 with plenty of quilting and sewing projects...I'm dreaming!!

Also, I am madly trying to reply to 140+ comments and counting. Sorry to those I don’t get to reply to…I don’t know if I am up to the task…but I’ll try...

Anyway, a little sore wrist or two can’t interfere with a bit of Christmas present making.
I finished the green one for one of my work colleagues...but forgot to take a photo. This has some fabric in it that came from her Aunt who had to move into a smaller house. She noticed straightaway! I love it when handmade gifts are so welcomed!

I desperately need to finish the purple one for Monday, so no more blog hopping for a while for me!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. No wonder you have RSI!!! there are so many crazy quilters out there in blogsville blog hopping!!!
    their all sure to have it too!!

  2. Good luck getting everything done. I'm quilting two quilts today trying to get all projects finished before Xmas.
    And yes been Blog Hopping too, thanks for letting us know about that. Good luck hope you win something!

  3. What was i saying about crazy quilters!i have spent so much time enjoying the blog hop iv'e left my own projects lying on the table and started a new blog!Heading out for coffee and a farmer's market and then a big sew this afternoon.
    Have a great weekend and good luck with your to do list.

  4. Hi I am getting the hang of this blogging, but I am still not dressed!!! It sounds like you may have carpel tunnel. I had surgery on both hands and trigger thumbs around 6 months ago, no more tingling or burning,no wrist pain still coming to terms with arthritis in the fingers. BUT I do reno’s, sewing, quilting, computer, drink wine and live life full on so maybe I am expecting too much of these little hands at 54 LOL.
    Check out link on carpel tunnel all the best I feel for you. Cheers Helen


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