Sunday, 18 December 2011

While Shepherds Washed Their Socks…

Yesterday I took 2 of the girls into town to do our Christmas Shopping.

A highlight of Christmas in Sydney is always the David Jones ( a huge department store) Christmas window display.

This year the Story of the Nativity is the main focus of the window display, as it should be for Christmas. In each window there is either a Christmas Hymns or a carol playing with animatronic puppetry for each scene.

My photos inevitably have bad reflections in them, but you can see them in all their glory in this link: David Jones window Christmas Display.

I wonder how many other people have spotted this little bit of humour?…

There are a few other quirky  touches:
In the "Little Drummer Boy", one of the little mice is playing a colander:
Just look at the patchwork hems of the Shepherd’s cloaks!!
In fact the City seems to have embraced ‘patchwork’…
IMG_3952 IMG_3951
One last wonderful display we saw... In The Galeries in George Street...
IMG_3953A book sculpture that hangs down a few stories like a giant chandelier...

Lovely, quirky displays like these do help take your mind off thinking about how sore your feet are (from walking from 10.30am to 6pm)...or wondering whether that bag full of books from Kinokuniya really will drag our shoulder out!
thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. how cool! I just remembered this one Christmas display back in my home town in Denmark, this one store always had mechanical santas and elves and sound too.

  2. Love it ... I noticed too but didn't was without camera ... must go and drool over the hanging books. xo.

  3. I'm sure the children appreciate it, even if the feet are sore :)
    Love your new Christmas look, it's beautifully colourful.


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