Monday, 28 November 2011

A Happy Win & Rainbow Charms

During Blogtoberfest I entered a giveaway 
at Everyone Deserves a Quilt *. My parcel from has Joanne arrived!
In it was some lovely fabric, a great pattern and these nifty binding clips.

Can't wait to try these clips - of course that means I actually have to make something that requires binding...

Thanks so much Joanne for picking me!

*if Australia ever decides to include a Bill of Rights  in the Constitution, I'm thinking this wording should be Right #1


I've joined another swap...a fabric sharing swap. 16 of us are a sending off 80 x 5" squares. The colours we were allocated are based on this colour wheel...
picture thieved from here
Here are fabrics I chose and am sending off to Sharon - Lillabelle Laneto sort and send me back a whole lotta charm goodness.
Tell me that you recognised my colours as violet, red-violet, red-orange, green and blue-green! I did spend a great deal of time choosing the fabric...just to get it completely right of  obsessing went on...ok maybe just a little!

Really, I can't believe how easy it was to slice and dice the required number of squares.
rainbow charm squares
I keep asking myself why can't I do this with fabric I already have?...and then create all those quilts that, in my imagination, I am furiously turning out?
Let's see what I can do when that package bursting with colour arrives and school holidays start...maybe a combination of time and effort might actually work!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Stash and Treasure Market

About a month ago, I went to Marrickville Markets (posted here) and met up with Cherie (her blog is here).

Cherie is organising a Stash and Treasure Market, to be held on January 14, 2012 at Marrickville Town Hall.
 link here
I am seriously thinking about getting a stall, not just to...ah...redistribute some of my hoarding...but because the Market is also supporting The Miracle Babies Foundation.

Help spread the word!

Thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Lots of progress this week...
Me progress...I'm feeling a whole lot better. I've healed nicely and only have some lovely purple bruises to show for the operation.
I even went to work a few days this week. I felt good, but tired by the end of the day. Many people seem to have horror stories about the type of operation so I'm truly grateful that I wasn't sick longer...

Age progress...Ms Bookworm turned 18 through the week. Very fitting cake made by Minky - love that these sisters all get on so well...

Sewing progress... a tablerunner for the school's end of year raffle...

a very cute little  fellow (pattern from Clares Craftroom) who will be going to Softies for Mirabel

and my second block for the Bloggers BOM

Laundry progress...all the floor tiling is done, the exterior cladding on and the windows are in.

the basin and shower taps are done. Still waiting on the shower screen and toilet...

the washing machine and dryer are in (temporarily because the builder will be back today
to do the cornices and architraves)

The fans, lights, cupboards, counter top and sink still have to go in and the electricals tidied up...but a huge difference to what I had before...

...I'm already enjoying putting on loads of you think I may still be feeling the effects of the anaesthetic?

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

Monday, 7 November 2011

MPAY...Favourite clothing

This week's MPAY "My favourite piece of clothing"

I could do a long post on my least favourite clothing and I would start of ranting about how hard it is to find something for a 12 yr old that doesn't make her look like she just stepped out of a...well let's not go there!

This is the 'not rant' part:  I love this little dress...
given to Miss Bee for her birthday
It is simple, modest, has a little bit of lace that makes it "in fashion" for her...(she keeps eyeing off her older sisters lacy dresses...and their platform shoes...)
It's a great length, cool and it looks lovely on her . Even better it was a 12th birthday present from her (almost) 21yr old sister...the ultimate seal of approval for a young lady!

 So this is My favourite piece of clothing... thank you Just Jeans for selling things I'm happy to put my little girl in!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...

The gall….

I’ve had a bit of a quiet time this week. One of my less useful organs (apparently we humans can manage quite well without this one) had the gall to cause trouble. So long and farewell organ!
As I’ve said, more times than the family can bear, the only lifting I’ll be doing for a few days is the sewing machine’s presser foot!

So here is the result of some convalescing:
I can finally say that I am using some some of the rust I won, in Shruti's Bella Parade paired with a book print for the Princess, who could also be know as The BookWorm.
A little too late I rememered that I don’t do french seams so well 
nothing a little ripper couldn't fix.
Order of constructions leaves a bit to be desired too!
See how those nice trimmed points, to make a box base, are protruding alien-like out of the middle of the bag? That was the only way I could anchor them together...a step I should have done before I sewed the bag and lining together.
Perhaps my brain is still slightly anaesthetised!
I gave it to her without handles sewn on, just so I could get the placement right ( I did not) want another session with the unpicker!
Finally, today the third youngest, aka the fourth eldest, aka the Princess, aka the BookWorm turned 18…oh the shock of it all.
She came into a noisy household to become the fourth child under 5 and took it in her stride with a placid and gentle disposition.
Now, her HSC exams are behind her and the whole world is in front of her, and she is taking it in her stride, with a similar placid, but a heck of a lot more confident, disposition.

There are now technically 5…five…adults living in this house…recipe for disaster?...we shall wait and see…

thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


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