Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I've accidentally had an unintended blogging break...

I did break out the scissors and rotary cutter and prepare a few things to sew when I could get a break...

I've cut out 2 of each block for Feb and March of the Bloggers BOM (here)...

My own version of the Sew & Bee Happy online quilting bee...
I'm making an extra one of each for myself as a record of the bee

Kat asked us to make a wonky star block and I got lazy and I've invented a wonky friendship star (4 less seams to do and no need to make neat half square triangles).

breaking out the knitting needles...
Black-Devil Angler fish from this book by Hansi Singh.

breaking the bank...well not really Spotlight has DS on sale for $10.17 a metre...

breaking out the pre-cuts - this little charm pack of "giddy" and some "hello betty" layer cake are ready to be pieced for twin girl #1, who was born into our neighbours family recently...
 ...for twin girl #2 - bit bit of "giddy", some "domestic bliss" and a few mixed charm squares - already pieced and the backing bought at the Spotlight sale (most things were 40% off, so I've really saved a lot!).

...and he's such a vicious character and threatened to lure me to my fate, if I didn't put in a few more photos of his handsome self...

Well now I'm on school holiday break, I'm going to break out the sewing machine, break the sewing drought...and take a break from these dreadful puns!

thanks for taking a peek over the fence...


  1. Love it all! But especially the anglerfish! I have that book and so want to knit everything in it. Yours turned out awesome.

  2. Oh I am so glad to hear that you were only having a break. Was starting to worry that something was wrong! So glad that you had some quilary time.

  3. love that knitted fish, he's the one who was after NEMO!

  4. Fantastic buys at Spotlight. Can you believe I never ended up buying anything? I know, I'm shocked too.

    Love your knitted fish and the puns :)

  5. Break a leg!
    Plenty there to keep you busy, I bet you'd love to just lock yourself away and sew all day :) Not very realistic but I hope you get a good few hours to make.
    Your angler fish is very cool and the quilt tops are looking great already.
    The girls and I have cut into your charm squares in the form of some hair accessories but they find it very difficult to take scissors to the pieces that are "too pretty!"

  6. It looks like you will be busy sewing all that lovely fabric which is as it should be. Love the fish. I was going to make a comment on the total overuse of 'break' but decided to give you a break and not say anything at all.......xx

  7. It seems that you are all ready to sew...


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