Thursday, 31 May 2012

Instant gratification…

Hmm...what I really should have been sewing up, is the pouches for SIT.

But I’m snatching bits of time at the machine, in between Minky’s textiles project…her schoolwork deadline is waaaaayyy more important than my SIT deadline…or so I’m led to believe…

I was digging around the internet and found this project, a Gadget Travel Tote. All that was needed was a teatowel. I didn’t really follow the project instructions. Next time I make one, I’ll take step by step photos, because I avoided having to do that “concertina” fold thingy in the instructions.
Here’s what mine looks like…all ready to take to Canberra for SIT…
Now I can take the camera charger, camera cord, kindle cord, iPhone charger and computer mouse, all safe in one place in my bag.
I’ll get on to those pouches on Friday…it’s my day off…and the textiles project will be handed in tomorrow!
Would you like to see some of the textiles project?…here’s some photos of a four of the eight pages…
I’ve shown Alice in another blog post.
Takes my breath away with her artistry. All her own fabric choices…she’s just lucky there is such a stash here for her to choose from!
thanks for taking a peek over the fence…


  1. Well aren't you both very clever and creative. Your pouch looks great and the book is wonderful. Well done to you both!

  2. I need that gadget tote! :) We're leaving tomorrow on a two month mission trip and I'm sitting here reminding myself not to forget the chargers. I've already packed the sewing machine but I'll make one when I get there. blessings, marlene
    P.S. Blogger has turned your word verification back on.

  3. Love that idea, looks so smart too!

  4. You need to get her her own machine and set her to work on some fabric books to sell she's very good.


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